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Making Prescription Refills Simple And Economical

Pharmacy Services

a pharmacist hands a patient their prescription

No More Chasing Down Refills

At Turner Drug, our goal is to make prescription refills simple for our patients. To accomplish this, our friendly staff is available to assist with your refill process. There is no need to chase down refills from your doctor because our team will reach out and get your prescriptions for you. In addition, you will also no longer need to worry about insurance. Our pharmacy staff members will handle any insurance issues for you by taking the time to contact your insurance company.


Delivery Straight To You

At Turner Drug, we understand that your time is valuable. We are proud to help you save time by offering first-class mail delivery. This means no more standing in line or waiting around at the store. Mail delivery is available for all patients located in South Dakota and are delivered within 1-3 business days at the most affordable rate. This will save you money on fuel and travel time.

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